Monday, March 30, 2015


Nobody's life is a piece of cake. We all have challenges and obstacles to overcome. It makes us stronger, right? Mine is on overload right now. 

When I should be promoting my books and finishing up my sequel to Widow's Web, I'm either lost in the fog or buried under an avalanche. Without naming specifics, let's just say that stress never ends. 

Right now I'm feeling fatigued which could be due to a couple of things, basically exercise and meds. After breaking my foot early last year combined with arthritis since age 21, I'm stiff and sore, even though my mobility has increased it's not back to normal yet. I had surgery (not foot related) in October at the same time I was releasing my books on Amazon. I'm on new medications, and stopped the one that affected my heart (improved heartbeat, but also enlarged heart) and the doctor said to decrease my activity 50% of normal. Yeah, I've gained 20# over the last 13 months due to decreased activity. I'm not happy about that bonus! 

Never fear, boredom is not a problem. I have too much going on to ever have time to get bored. Well, that's about where I am, burning the candle at both ends.