Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mysterious Castle update

I just finished Mysterious Castle. I may or may not be using the pseudonym Dee Petersen-Griffin.

There are some things that I had to leave out from my original version because the word count for YA Fantasy genre is much less, 30k less, than for other novels. I'm still over the maximum word count, but I may epublish this one, with print-on-demand paperbacks. I will pursue a few agents/publishers first.

In the last month, I have also read almost a dozen novels by others and completely re-read two of my own and skimmed another. I find reading helps me refresh, regroup, and recenter my focus, to get beyond writer's block. I then read the story up to my stopping point or to the chapter to be edited and continue on. Fatigue is my greatest enemy. I spend a lot of time thinking instead of sleeping, deciding how I want to proceed next. No wonder I'm tired!


Arthur B. Burnett said...

Several of my favorite Heinlein (SP?) books are his juvenile books. I discovered later he had not writen to a juvenile or young adult market, that's where he (or perhaps his agent) were able to sell them. Ergo, Heinlein was a juvenile books author.

I see it this way. I enjoy writing and have things to say. I really really really want to sell my work. Ergo, if young adult editors are writing checks and mainstream editors aren't interested in unproven writers at the moment, I just may be a young adult writer.

Duanna Lee said...

Well, maybe I should try traditional publishing first.