Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am currently working on epublishing Dreams & Secrets and Magnetic Attraction. Hopefully they will both be available soon.

UPDATE: 5/23/12
    A successful author advised me to reconsider epub until I pursue hardcopy publishing again, for the benefits of distribution and potential profits. I am considering my options. The ebook/epub option is currently on hold.
    As a precaution, I've asked another peer, from the Brazos Writers group this time, to critique both novels. I am awaiting response. I am confident that she, as a teacher, will be brutally honest, red pen and all. I am hoping for the best [I love it!], dreading the worst [It's terrible.]--

UPDATE: 6/1/12
    So far so good! She finished one and is into the second. Positive feedback, and I asked her to be brutal. I am now leaning toward giving traditional publishing another try. It seems like the smartest way right now.

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Arthur B. Burnett said...

I really don't know enough about E-books to give an informed openion. We don't have an E-book reader, I only recently discovered you can read them off the computer.

From a writers point of view, they seem to be fairly expensive to register and post according to the folks at Brazos Writers. They sell really cheap, which results in really small royalitys.

This requires more thought.