Thursday, May 28, 2015


Sales of my ebooks show up immediately on my reports, but the paperback sales don't. Oh, they're upfront with that issue, that there is a delay of a couple of days to a month or so. I'm finding this to be true...and frustrating. I still have a problem with impatience. Waiting is so difficult. (I want to know faster!) The scales are balancing. Will that stay the trend?


Dee said...
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Dee said...

The only paperback book sale that has shown up on a report to me, was the one purchased directly through CreateSpace/Amazon. Some have told me they purchased through Barnes & Noble and have read at least two, a month ago, but none have shown up on a sales report yet. I expected a report of it by now.

This process is new to me. Every company has it's own rules and timeline. I like fast reporting, not waiting. I trust the B&N sales were made and delivered, but have not yet been reported to me. That particular process has time-specific steps and deadlines. I must be patient. (Patience does not come easily as time lags on.) I can't wait! How many have sold?