Sunday, April 12, 2015

SPOILER for Magnetic Attraction

Some folks are a bit put off by the kissing in the first chapter. There is a reason for it. Here's a preface just for those of you who can't get past that.

    When Vickie Johnson has a son, Jon Jr., she and her best friend, Jenny, make a promise that if Jenny has a daughter their children will marry and bind them together as sisters through their offspring. Soon after, Jenny marries and has a daughter. Vickie and Jenny recommit with a pact for their children, which will give them a blood tie as grandparents. They are delighted when little Jonny first saw tiny baby Elizabeth and kissed her cheek. The mothers beem with joy, hoping their dream would flourish into reality. As the children grow, Jonny kisses the little girl and grins when his mother smiles and whispers to her friend approvingly. 
   As the little girl gets bigger, she toddles to Jonny for a hug and he kisses her cheek, so her father calls Jonny "Kissy Boy". The tots are rewarded with smiles and clapping. Jonny and Elizabeth are inseparable whenever the families are together, which is quite often. Vickie has a daughter who is a few months younger than Elizabeth, so they play together often, with Jonny frequently kissing his little girlfriend's cheek. He hugs his sister, but his kisses are for Elizabeth.

Spoiler:  Jack is Jon Jr. (Jonny).

Magnetic Attraction is now available for Barnes & Noble, Apple products, and numerous other outlets and readers.

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