Friday, July 1, 2016

JULY SALE -- Prices slashed even more!

My ebooks are 67% off on
- Dreams & Secrets (regularly $2.99) Use Coupon Code ZN89Z
- Magnetic Attraction (regularly $2.99) Use Coupon Code XV55H
- Mysterious Castle (regularly $2.99) Use Coupon Code RP96K
- Turnabout in Fair Play (regularly $2.99)
Use Coupon Code PX79V
- Widow's Web (regualry $3.99)
Use Coupon Code XH85N

That makes four of them at $0.99 each and Widow's Web at $1.32. Amazon MAY match the sale pricing.
At present, Corporate Snare is only available as an Amazon ebook for $2.99. (I'm working on it!)

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