Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Current Work: Dreams & Secrets

Late on October 16, I was about to start reading a new novel when suddenly an entire book idea flashed into my mind. It became an obsession, beginning early the next morning I wrote every chance I got, day and night, until I finished it on November 16, in just 31 days. As it flowed onto the pages, I could hardly keep up!

That is not how it usually happens. I am a daydreamer. Generally I am driving in the car when the vague idea for a new story or bits and pieces for one in the works come to me.

Then I got sick, a bad cold, which had my mind stuffy for almost two weeks. Now I am in the getting-it-published stage. The prep work the agent wants is more difficult than writing the manuscript. Funny how that works.

Duanna Lee (pronounced Dew-wanna Lee)

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