Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Feedspot: Thanks, but No.

I got an invitation from Feedspot, telling me that I had been linked in (Blogspot to Feedspot) and already had 26 views. So naturally I signed up to view it. I personally hate only having that option. I prefer to view first, then decide.

I was very disappointed. Feedspot doesn't include my additional pages...so why bother? Keep in mind that those pages are for my novels as the introductions to the stories, an appetizing sample. To date there are five, with one more well on the way. I am working on getting those five published. (No luck yet.) As an author I find Feedspot worthless if it can't connect to my pages for each of my novels. The sole purpose for having the Blogspot site is to connect potential readers with my stories so they will choose to read my work.

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